Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Yes, that is right folks, I am now the proud owner of my first hank of what is affectionately known as "Crack Yarn" around these parts. I got a pretty purpley-blue kettle-dyed color (I think it's Marine, but I'll have to check later) from Knit & Pearl for $12.50.

Julie wound it into a ball for me using the ball winder and swift, and Nathan was positively fascinated. He turns to me and says "Why don't you get one of those?" [referring to the swift and ball-winder]*faint* I love this man!!

Julie then says "Do you have an anniversary or birthday coming up soon?" Why YES I DO! Ha! Anniversary in three months, birthday in four. Oh yeeeeaaaahh. Maybe I will end up with my own swift and ball-winder (or at least the winder). That would be awesome.

So later after my small group at Starbucks in Goleta, I called Chauntel to get suggestions for what to make with it. After stalking her at Kmart (hee), she suggested the currently popular chevron scarf. Very good idea. But then I got home and realized that I've been wanting to make a Clapotis, and what better yarn to use? (I'll still make a chevron, though. It's such a fun design)

I think I'm going to try to make a "skinny" Clapotis. We'll see how well that works. I've already cast on for it, so if I need to buy another hank to finish it, well, I suppose I'll just have to do that then won't I! hehehehehe....

(I'll take pictures and post later).

Oh, and speaking of crack, Nathan is teaching me how to play Counter-Crack...I mean...Counter-Strike. I am getting my badass self ON! At the end of our late-night terrorist adventures, I'd been killed about, oh...20 times, after making a measly 2 kills. Hopefully I'll get better once I start playing before 11:30pm without Aunt Flo pestering me.

I am stealing the DomiKnitrix's name for my CS alias cause Nathan agreed that it was awesome. We'll see how long this lasts. If I get frustrated (or Nathan gets frustrated with me commandeering the computer, hehe), then I've always got my crack yarn.


chauntel said...

I was going to suggest a clapotis but you only had one hank. I think it's a fantastic skinny scarf! Don't be surprised if you find yourself having to have another hank out of pure addiction! lol

T & L Mayfield said...

I love gaming with the hubby!! He always kicks my butt ;)
Oh and I can't believe your anniversary is 4 months away! GAH! Time flies!!!

Marieke said...

It's actually only THREE months away!! I can't believe it either!